The spouse is not an heir based on kinship by blood. However, the difference between the spouse’s heirship and foster child’s heirship is the groups they formed (also called classes) with other heirs in dissimilar proximities and the different hereditary shares they obtain. Principle of the class constitutes the base level of law on succession….

Agreement for distribution of inheritance  is a special type of contract including the method of sharing the inheritance among heirs. The aim of the contract is determining proportion of shares by the heirs. In case the distribution is not conducted manually, the contract will be valid and bounding for the heirs if it is in…

Inheritor, who decided to relinquish his/her inheritance in Turkey, can waive his/her claims by making a contract with the legator. The waived case here is the future claim to be incurred. This contract should be committed personally by the legator. Renunciation of the inheritance contract can be prepared as onerous contract (against remuneration) or as…

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