Attorney at Law Melis Ersöz Koca, M.A. (Founder, Partner)

1999 – 2003 Pertevniyal High School
2003 – 2007 Marmara University Faculty of Law
2007 – 2010 Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences – Privat Law, M.A. Degree: PPPs in the Light of EU and Turkish Law
2010 – Awarded by Ünal Aysal Foundation
2008 – 2009 Köln University
2010 – …. Marmara Üniversitesi Institute of Social Sciences – Privat Law, Ph.D. Pending: EU Inheritance Law Revolution

Av. Melis Ersöz Koca has been working as an attorney since 2008 by the Istanbul Bar Association. She has worked as law intern in different law offices in Turkey and Germany. She is fluent in German and English. She admitted by the Federal Consulate of Germany in Istanbul as a trusted lawyer (Vertrauensanwalt). Melis Ersöz Koca is also registered at the Berlin Bar Association of Germany. She has been working as a Trademark Attorney since 2013 and as a Mediator since 2016.

Foreign Languages: German, English

Attorney at Law Serhat Koca (Founder, Partner)

1999 – 2003 Kabataş High Schhol
2003 – 2007 Marmara University Faculty of Law
2009 – 2010 RMIT University (REW), Melbourne, Australia

Serhat Koca continues his career as a lawyer by the Istanbul Bar Association. In addition to his profession of law, he is a Mediator and a Trademark Attorney. He has a good command of English. He has extensive experience especially in commerce law, contract law, real estate and inheritance law. Especially in Europe and the US he has cooperations with several law offices, including Germany. He aims to serve the best service by having the responsibility of both domestic and overseas clients in private law disputes in Turkey.

Foreign Languages: English

Attorney at Law Nusin Basar (Managing Lawyer)

1985 – Kadıköy High School
1992 – Istanbul University Law Faculty
1993- 2006 – Rechtsberater beim Generalkonsulat Österreich in Istanbul 2006- 2020 – Erfahrung in den größten deutsch-türkischen Anwaltskanzleien in Istanbul

She graduated from Kadıkoy Kız High School in 1985. Afterwards, she successfully completed her LLB at Istanbul University Law Faculty in 1992. She acted as Legal Counsel at Austria Embassy in Istanbul for 13 years, then she worked at reputable law firms especially in the field of Turkish-German affairs. She is also a former president of the Rotary Club, and she actively provides consultancy services in the Foundation.

Speciality: International Commercial Law, Contracts Law, Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law

Attorney at Law Dila Saday

2007-2011 Fethiye Mehmet Erdoğan High School
2011-2015 Istanbul University Law Faculty

She is a graduate of Fethiye Mehmet Erdogan High School. Then, she has enrolled in Istanbul University Law Faculty and successfully completed her LLB in 2015. After she served as an attorney in Mugla for 4 years, she is transferred to Istanbul Bar Association.
Speciality: Real Estate Law, Family Law and Labour Law.

Foreign Languages: English

 Av.Görkem Çetin

Attorney at Law Görkem Cetin, LL.M.

2009 – 2013 Istanbul University – Faculty of Law

2014 – 2019 Istanbul University – Faculty of Social Sciences, LL.M

Görkem Cetin graduated from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, in 2013. In 2019 she completed a master’s degree in private law at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Istanbul University and dealt with real estate law as part of her master’s thesis. Her article “Mobile Phone Subscription Agreements in Terms of Turkish Law” appeared in the Journal of İstanbul Bar Association and her article “Risk Assesment in Terms of Occupational Health and Safety” was published in the Journal of Legal Labor Law and Social Security Law Bulletin. Her master’s thesis on “The Concept and Types of Illegal Registration” was also published in the master’s thesis series in the field of private law of the Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. She has been a licensed attorney at the Istanbul Bar Association since 2014 and has gained experience in the areas of immigration law, real estate law, family law and labor law as well as in various other areas of law during her professional life. Görkem Cetin, who is also registered as a trademark attorney, has a good knowledge of English and German knowledge at an intermediate level.

Foreign Languages: English, German

 Suzan Vural

Attorney at Law Suzan Vural

2009-2014 Notre Dame de Sion französiches Gymnasium
2014 – 2018 Istanbul Bilgi Law Faculty

Suzan Vural graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School in 2014. She is fluent in French. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Bilgi University Faculty of Law in 2018. During her legal internship and with the Attorney’s License she received from the Istanbul Bar Association in 2019, she gained experience in the fields of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Labor Law and Trademark Law, and worked in various fields of private law in international and especially Turkey-Germany affiliated law firms. She is native in Turkish and German, and she is fluent in English.

Foreign Languages: German, English, French

Attorney at Law Bengi Baydan LL.M.

2011 – 2015 TED Kdz. Eregli College
2015-2019 Yeditepe University Law Faculty
2019 – 2020 Brunel University London Intellectual Property Law LL.M.- Merit Degree
Dissertation: Copyright ownership of Artificial Intelligence’s creations in the UK in light of copyright law rationales.

She graduated from TED Kdz. Eregli College. She completed her LLB at Yeditepe University Law Faculty in 2019. Afterwards, she is accepted to Intellectual Property Law LL.M. program at Brunel University London. After she completed her LL.M. with Merit degree, she turned back to Turkey and registered in Turkish Bar Association.

Foreign Language: English

Attorney at Law Büşra Seçgin (LL.B. Köln)

2004 – 2013 Bertha – von – Suttner Comprehensive School
2013 – 2014 University Siegen – German and European Economic Law
2014 – 2018 University of Cologne and İstanbul Altınbaş University – Law Faculty – Double Degree Program (LL.B Köln / Hukuk Lisans)
2016 – 2020 University of Cologne – Law Faculty (First State Legal Examination)
After graduating from the Bertha – von – Suttner Comprehensive School in 2013, Büşra Seçgin began to study German and European Economic Law at the University Siegen. She then completed her studies in German – Turkish law at the University of Cologne and the Istanbul Altınbaş University in 2018 with the degree of “Bachelor of a Law” (LL.B Cologne) and the “Hukuk Lisans”. Ms. Seçgin then continued her law studies at the University of Cologne and passed the first state legal examination in December 2020 and acquired the title ‘Magister İuris’. Since March 2021 she is registered as a lawyer at the Istanbul Bar Association.

German and Turkish are her first language. Ms. Seçgin also speaks English and has a basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

Foreign Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Attorney at Law Hilal Köroglu, LL.B.

2008 – 2016 Johanna-Geissmar-Gymnasium (High School).

Hilal Köroglu was born in Germany and completed her elementary and high school education in Germany. She later completed her bachelor’s degree as a foreign student at the Law Faculty of Bursa Uludag University. During her legal internship; she gained experience in international law firms in the areas of corporate law, commercial law, law of obligations, labor law and immigration law and has worked in various areas of private law. After her legal internship in various law firms, she received her license from the Istanbul Bar Association in September 2021.

Her mother tongues are Turkish and German, and she is fluent in English. She is also proficient in Spanish and Latin.

Foreign Languages: German, English, Spanish, Latin

Attorney at Law Erkan Yıldırım

2016 – 2020 Istanbul University Law Faculty2022 – Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, Master’s Degree

He has successfully completed his LLB with Distinction degree at Istanbul University Law Faculty in 2020 and after he completed his internship, registered Istanbul Bar Association as a lawyer. He continues his master’s degree in private law at Istanbul University Faculty of Law.

Foreign Languages: English

Murat Ersöz

Murat Ersöz (Financial Advisor, Independent Auditor)

1985 – 1988 Muratlı High School
1988 – 1992 Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economy
He became Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor in 1999.
In 2015, he also got the Independent Auditor Certificate by being affiliated to the Public Oversight Authority by qualifying for the Ankara University Independent Auditor Certificate.
Since 1992, he works in many domestic and foreign individuals and corporate capital firms in various sectors; Establishment provides organization structure, Production and Management Planning, Personnel, Accounting, Independent audit, tax refund and tax consultancy services. Within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, he provides consultancy services on mergers, divisions, capital increases, capital reductions, investment incentives, tax returns.


Assistant Gamze Bakır

Our assistant Gamze Bakır started her career in 2011 after completing her education and worked as an assistant manager in various companies. She plans our office schedules and assists our executive team. She joined the Koca & Ersöz team in 2015.