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Koca & Ersöz Law Firm has offices in the cities of Istanbul and Berlin and looks after its clients in both countries. The founders of our law firm are Ms. Melis Ersöz Koca, M.A. and Mr. Serhat Koca.

The legal practice and the way of working are different in Turkey and Germany. We work in such a way that our clients from abroad feel safe and familiar, especially when it comes to fulfilling our legal duty to provide information, cost transparency and confidentiality. Finding quick and effective solutions is just as important to us as legal support, advice and litigation.

As part of the international, professional and academic participation, we offer our clients a professional and modern service, which can be done in Turkish as well as in German or English.

In addition, we were accredited by the Consulate General of Germany in Istanbul as a trusted law firm.

In international matters, we work with our cooperation partners in Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, Spain and the Cyprus. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form and send it to us.

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